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Executive Appointments

​With over 20 years of experience in recruiting finance and executive appointments for technology firms, our founding directors know what startups, scaleups and enterprise firms need in these critical appointments.

It is telling that one of the largest search firms in the world and many recruitment agencies in London and Berlin turn to our group when they need expertise in the tech space.

A career in two of the UK’s most respected executive appointment recruitment agencies gave our Search Director insight into their strengths and shortcomings. He believed recruiters and search specialists needed to embrace technology and digital transformation and found a partner in the CEO of Consortia, the specialist technology recruitment agency. Combining the best of the traditional models of executive search with advances in technology used by Consortia means a better match for Becksford clients and a wider pool of previously untapped exceptional talent.

In competitive technology markets identifying top-class talent is one half of the puzzle. We work with candidates closely to understand; why. Why and how the role fits a career roadmap is far more likely to ensure the outcome is assured and not hoped. Rather than convincing candidates to join our clients we know from our research and assessment stage the right match without the need for clients to pay above market rate to secure someone.

To discuss an executive appointment globally get in touch with our Executive Search Director; Andrew Buscombe.

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