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  • Global Finance Director

    ​I enjoyed working with Andrew on the appointment of a new European Finance Director. I am based in the States and I know little about the European market, so Andrew’s insight was invaluable. Due to the circumstance, we were forced to move quickly on this hire and I couldn’t afford to make mistakes. The time Andrew took to take the brief through to presenting a shortlist was under two weeks, which meant that we had an offer accepted within the same month. I will contact Andrew when I need to hire in Europe again.

  • Head of Strategy

    ​Andrew helped me to appoint a series of new hires in our finance strategy team. We are a highly regarded team with high standards, so what I found most impressive was his ability to provide a constant flow of top tier candidates. It was obvious that Andrew knew his candidates well so each person I interviewed had a genuine interest in the job, so I didn’t interview timewasters.

  • Global Finance Director

    ​I’ve known Andrew professionally for a few years now and continue to ask for his advice. Andrew is down-to-earth, honest and delivers what is promised.

  • Group Finance Director

    ​I have worked with dozens of Recruiters over the years and Andrew is one of the best out there. Every candidate I have interviewed supplied by Andrew was well prepared and well matched to our business. Despite our size, we aren’t a household brand, so we tend to rely on our recruiting partners to captivate the right audience and ‘sell’ the role effectively. Andrew hasn’t let me down once and on one occasion, the shortlist provided was so impressive I introduced a second role to the team early, so I was able to offer two candidates

  • EMEA Finance Director

    ​I have worked with Andrew as both candidate and client, and it is clear to me that he understands the senior finance market well. Andrew provided valuable coaching when we worked together, helping me to shape how I presented my skills during interview in order to secure my first FD role. As a client, Andrew took the time to understand who I wanted but more importantly, was not afraid to challenge the brief and offer his honest opinion when we were likely to find a hire difficult.

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